Be-Ge chairs bring supreme comfort offering custom neck rests, changeable armrests and much more to supply versatility, comfort and consistency to each customer. If you want to experience this seat design, discover the Be-Ge range today and never look back.

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Be-Ge may not have started with office chairs back in 1949, however, this is where they did start developing the ergonomics and comfort of all their seats. Through this, they were then able to replicate what they had done with their suspended drive seats and started creating the magnificent office chairs we know today.


Be-Ge worked in collaboration with users, specialist researchers and ergonomic and medical experts so they could create optimum chairs that provided comfort, support and accessibility for all users. Their versatile chairs were created to be used for quiet office environments as well as your active seating job that requires constant movement.


Be-Ge’s quality policies promise to continuously improve their quality. Even after 70 years of experience they are still finding new and innovative ways to improve their chairs for all customers. This is the exact reason that they achieved the ISO-certification 9001. If you’re interested in a different way of seating, check out the Be-Ge range below.


Be-Ge 852 Night Fall - this is one of our many chairs that offers full 24-hour seating for those hard shifts that require extra optimal comfort and support.


If you would like to chat to one of our experienced team members about finding the perfect Be-Ge chair for you, please contact us or call 01892 510202.

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