Desk Risers

Desk Risers

SitSmart supplies a selection of desk risers to help ensure your workstation is the correct height. To sit properly you should have your arms level with the desk, your feet on the ground, and your hips higher than your knees. To achieve this, some people may need to raise the height of their desk with desk risers, while shorter people may require a footrest.

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When sitting at your office desk, there are four precautions you need to take. Firstly, is your monitor below your horizontal optical axis and at arm’s length away? If not, this could create a strain on your neck and back as well as your eyes because you’re sitting far too close to your screen.


Next, are you able to keep your feet firmly on the ground, knees at a right angle and your hands in line with your elbows? If not, then desk risers are an option for you. With desk risers, you are able to keep your desk at a height that releases strain on your neck and back. It also improves your overall sitting posture as you are no longer slouching over to read your screen, but instead, you are looking directly at it.


With desk risers, you will be able to optimise your comfort at your desk while also preventing a lot of stress on your body. Not only can this improve your work rates but it can also offer assistance in creating activity in the office as the different heights allow you to adjust your body and move more.


Sit Smart Desk Risers - a solution for offices with desks that are too small for the user. They allow you to set your desk to a height that suits you best and improves your overall well-being at work.


If you would like to chat to one of our experienced team members about finding the perfect Desk Riser for you, please contact us or call 01892 510202.

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