Documents Holders and Writing Slopes

Documents Holders and Writing Slopes

Writing slopes and document holders can provide ergonomic solutions for a better writing or viewing position, so reducing strain on the neck, back, shoulders and eyes. SitSmart supplies a selection of both from a basic style to fully adjustable versions.

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In a lot of jobs across the world, you’re required to read documents whilst at your desk and working. Surprisingly these documents get in the way a lot more than expected, and reading them can even create constant neck twisting and straining on the back. They can also get in the way of your keyboard, which as expected can be incredibly irritating when you’re trying to work.


If you’re finding that you’re dealing with any of these problems and want to work towards improving your working environment, then our document holders are what you need. They allow you to read your work whilst sitting in a comfortable and correct position that will support and contribute towards active movement at the office desk.


Not only can our document holders be useful for keeping your papers in the correct position for working on, but they also allow you to be able to present work to others. If you get our SitSmart Flexdesk, you will be able to adjust the angle and height of your document holder allowing you to display work in a range of angles that will not cause any physical strain.


SitSmart Deskfriend - our most popular document holder is your traditional reading/work board that will help to prevent neck and back strain from constant leaning over. It’s easily transportable and assists all users.


SitSmart Flexdesk 630N - Like the Deskfriend, this is a fantastic document holder but this also comes with adjustments allowing you to use it as a writing slope.


If you would like to chat to one of our experienced team members about finding the perfect Document Holder for you, please contact us on 01892 510202.


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