Flokk further commit to sustainability with new HÅG Celi chair

Flokk further commit to sustainability with new HÅG Celi chair

MADE FROM more than 75% post-consumer recycled materials, the new HÅG Celi conference chair from Flokk has one of the lowest carbon footprints for a chair of its kind, further cementing the company’s commitment to sustainable workplace design.

Unveiled at this year’s Stockholm Design Week, the HÅG Celi benefits from the research and technology to create Flokk’s first full range of coloured polypropylene plastic components made from recycled post-consumer materials – literally turning household waste into high-end furniture.

In fact, the total carbon footprint is just 13.8kg for the plastic model, and 12.5kg for the wood model, including packaging.

New for the HÅG Celi is an exciting partnership with Hydro Norway’s world-leading producer of recycled aluminium, committed to making high-quality sustainable solutions. By using 75% post-consumer extruded aluminium in the chair, not only are they reusing waste materials, but using 82% less energy than creating virgin aluminium, whilst potentially reducing CO2 emissions by 88%.

The result is a uniquely sustainable conference chair designed for disassembly, with energy-efficient production.

Christian Lodgaard, Senior Vice President at Flokk, commented; ‘’Our environmental philosophy contains a number of no-compromise elements, and maximising use of post-consumer recycled material is one of them. With Hydro we found a perfect match in this thinking, and the technological savviness and determination to bring new sustainable solutions to life at scale.’’ 


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