Flokk to partner and support pioneering neurodesign research project

Flokk to partner and support pioneering neurodesign research project

Flokk is helping to support a pioneering neurodesign research project set to delve into the effects of the built environment on people's moods and behaviours. Utilising state-of-the-art facilities, the project will construct controlled, realistic environments equipped with sensors to accurately measure individuals' physiological reactions.

“Design is present in our lives 24/7 and humans spend about 90% inside buildings. The surrounding environment impacts our mood, behaviour, and how we live our lives.” says Isabelle Sjövall, one of the world’s leading specialists in neurodesign, and the driving force behind the project.

“If we learn to make more conscious design choices, we can shape the built environment around us instead of being exposed to it. This could play a pivotal, positive role in the future - benefitting people, businesses and society in many ways by promoting health and wellbeing."

Spanning several years, the project will investigate how adjustments to the design of built environments can influence productivity and well-being, particularly in the workplace. Participants will engage in various tasks and undergo monitoring using brain imaging technology, which will provide insights into cognition, creativity, stress levels, and mental well-being without relying solely on surveys.

Isabelle said , "As one of the carefully selected industry collaborators, Flokk designs will be extensively employed throughout the study to gain a deeper understanding of the role furniture plays in improving well-being and happiness at work. For office design this could mean creating places and spaces for focus, creativity, and togetherness - key components for productivity and performance. I'm very happy and honoured to have Flokk as a partner supporting this unique research project.”




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