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Flokk wins prestigious recycling award for it's HÅG Capisco Puls

Flokk wins prestigious recycling award for it's HÅG Capisco Puls

THE LIMITED EDITION Auburn HÅG Capisco Puls received first place at the 2021 edition of the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe, in the Household & Leisure Product category.

Released in 2021, this limited run of 200 chairs is the result of a research project exploring potentially suitable, post-consumer, recycled material sources, in collaboration with Norwegian research institute SINTEF. One such source, which was discovered, collected and discarded, were snow plough markers made of a tough plastic mix capable of enduring the environment. Realising their inherent strength, Flokk saw an opportunity to use the material for the Peter Opsvik designed HÅG Capisco Puls chair.

Flokk’s Sustainability Vice President, Atle-Thiis Messle, said, “We are living through a global trash crisis driven by mass consumption. As one of Europe’s leading furniture manufacturers, our team of environmental experts and designers must be inspired to use waste around them as a resource to create beautiful, long-lasting products. This will, in turn, assist us in reaching our ambitious yearly targets to increase use of recycled materials therefore reducing our environmental impact. 

"As we now have secured new larger batches of discarded snow plough markers, we are currently piloting larger scale production with ambitions to produce other brands and models as well in this beautiful auburn material.”

Flokk and HÅG’s commitment to a Circular Economy, replacing materials wherever possible with recycled content, has been longstanding. Many products’ component parts are made of recycled plastics, aluminium and steel. If the supply of the recycled material is steady, and if the components can withstand rigorous industry-standard testing, the material is used.

Christian E. Lodgaard, Senior Vice President of Product & Brands at Flokk, said: "HÅG hopes that all plastics – and many other materials - in all products will eventually be made of post-consumer material. Our chairs will withstand a long lifetime of heavy use and enhance the health of workers all around the world then, after use, they can be recycled again. This is our circular design ambition."


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