Footrests can prove a useful addition to any workstation. When sitting, it is ergonomically important to have the hips higher than the knees and the feet flat on the floor, while the armrests of the chair should be in-line with the top of the desk. Although this is the ideal position sometimes we cannot achieve it if the desk is too high so this is where a footrest can prove invaluable as it allows the user to sit higher, while supporting their feet, so preventing pressure on the underside of the legs.

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Footrests are forever growing more popular in the seating industry. Due to their positive health effects as well as their versatility, the footrest is a great product that is often overlooked. Footrests are a practical solution if you’re too small for your office chair and you can’t plant your feet on the ground. A footrest allows you to rest your legs comfortably, which helps to release any strain on your back.


One of the biggest movements in the seating industry at the moment is to encourage active seating at your workstation. With footrests, this can easily be achieved. Not only do they add the extra support that you desire for your back, they also allow you to move around at the same as they encourage you to rock on your seat which keeps the legs moving and the blood flowing, increasing comfort levels.


If you’re looking to optimise comfort at the office whilst also reduce back strain, look no further. Take a look at a few of our favourite footrests and shop the whole range below.


SitSmart Score 953 Footrest - this footrest comes with a range of adjustments so you can find the exact foot position you need while working and increasing comfort levels.


SitSmart Fellowes Footrest - this is a more affordable footrest that provides a practical option when it comes to ensuring your legs are in the right position. It also supplies the safety and durability required in a footrest.


SitSmart Tritty Boy Footrest - This footrest is a simple design that supplies comfort as well as firm grip for supporting your feet whilst at work or at home.


If you would like to chat to one of our experienced team members about finding the perfect footrest for you, please contact us or call 01892 510202.


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