Goldtouch Ergonomic Number Pad

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£66.00 Inc VAT

The Goldtouch ergonomic number pad can be positioned anywhere you choose on your desk which means you can make your work area more comfortable and reduce the risk of RSI. It is particularly useful for left-handed users as it brings the function of entering numbers to your stronger hand.

It can also add important functionality to laptop computers, eliminating the need to use the 'dual-function' number and mathematical function keys in the built-in keyboard.

The black version features advanced calculator functions and has 2 extra USB ports allowing, for example, a USB keyboard and mouse to be plugged into your PC via the keypad itself.


  • Allows for a flexible work zone
  • Ideal for number crunchers
  • A great advantage for left-handers
  • Enhances laptop functionality
  • Available in PS2 or USB


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