HÅG's award-winning designs, inspired by an approach towards integrating the science of human engineering with style and functionality, recognises the significance of maintaining a holistic balance between mind and body. Recycling technology has been applied to all the products in this range.

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HÅG is known for its superb efforts towards becoming economically friendly. It was the first company in Norway to employ a dedicated environmental manager back in 1990. Ever since then, it has been using recycled plastic to create innovative and beautiful office seating.


The HÅG H04 later became one of the best selling office chairs across the whole of Scandinavia with sales over 2 million units to date. This chair is just a small example of why so many people across the world desire the comfort and aesthetics that HÅG chairs can offer their customers.


Over years of office chair development, HÅG was able to create the unique HÅG in Balance technology. This design adds a whole new style of seating to day-to-day work. It enables continuous movement for the entire time you’re working, which helps to keep you energised and assists in staying focused and proactive during all seating durations. Learn about some of our customer favourites below.


HÅG Sofi High Back - this chair is a great example of how useful the HÅG Balanced Movement Mechanism can be for everyday strains and keeping you constantly moving.


HÅG Sofi Low Back - If more lower back support is required but with the same ultimate comfort as the high back, this chair is exactly what you need for your desk.


HÅG Sofi Mesh - This chair will change your approach to seating for life. The unforgettable comfort and support this chair offers is unmissable.


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