Lumbar Rolls, Cushions and Wedges

Lumbar Rolls, Cushions and Wedges

Back pain is often caused by poor posture while sitting for long periods. Many musculoskeletal conditions can be easily improved by using simple lumbar support cushions, rolls and wedges that are designed to improve your posture by supporting you, whether you are  travelling in the car, working at home or in the office.

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At SitSmart, we want to be able to supply all the ergonomic goods in the office furniture industry, from desks to wrist supports. Our lumbar rolls, cushions and wedges prove just this. We supply a vast range of cushions & lumbar rolls for your office seating so you can get the comfort you require when at the office.


We supply products that not only support your back such as the SitSmart Backfriend, but we also supply products that support your hands and wrist when at your desk. Products like the SitSmart Wasp are ideal if you require extra support to do any strains or pains.


Take a look through our wide variety of lumbar rolls, cushions and wedges here today and shop from the best range of office support in the industry. A few of our customer favourites can be found below.


SitSmart Backfriend - the Backfriend supplies back and seat support for all. Although initially designed for use in cars, it can be used for any chair that you require extra comfort and support from.


SitSmart Coccyx Cut Out - this device assists in creating good posture whilst working to take the strain off the lower back, therefore guaranteeing maximum comfort for anyone with an injured coccyx.


SitSmart D Roll - this affordable chair support cushion is the perfect portable cushion that will provides support no matter where you need it.


If you would like to chat to one of our experienced team members about finding the perfect lumbar rolls, cushions or wedges for you, please contact us or call 01892 510202.

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