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Pledge Chairs

Pledge's product selection on our website aims to supply an excellent all-round task chair for all your working needs. These chairs are versatile, comfortable and offer a range of ways in which you can adjust for your own seating preferences. For maintaining quality and style in a variety of colours, it is the go-to range.

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Pledge Chairs started off as a small company with just 10 employees who had the objective of specialising in the production of swivel adjustable office seating. 40 years on and they have done more than just surpass this objective. With Pledge Chairs £13m turnover and 155 specialists, they are now able to create 3000 units a week that come with the comfort and durability you require in your everyday office seating.


With Pledge Chairs industry experience, it is evident that they are more than capable of producing a high-quality office chair that can provide ultimate comfort. They use advanced technology such as the fully integrated computer system with material sourcing, planning and product tracking to assist their production of your ideal chair.


Not only are Pledge Chairs showing success through their years in the industry, but they have also been accredited with an ISO 9001 for their exceptionally high standards with consistency throughout all aspects of the business. They are noted for their ability to test and produce chairs that come with the highest durability & safety. Check out their most popular products below.


Pledge Solar - the Solar chair is a great all-round task chair that comes with a variety of useful functions as well as supplying the aesthetics your office space needs.


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