RH design excellent office chairs which take care of the body as you sit. For RH, design and ergonomics are two sides of the same coin providing user-friendly ergonomic office chairs that help to perform better throughout the working day. Discover the fantastic selection of fabrics, finishes and colours that are used in this fantastic range of office chairs.

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RH started off with one man, Rolf Holstensson, who wanted an end to the pain and strains standard seating in a working environment created. He noticed the number of people around him dealing with the same problems, so in 1977 he created the first RH chair that provided back relief and promoted active seating.


Now, RH is known all over the world by ergonomic professionals, physiotherapists and other experts for their unforgettable seating. From personal experience and a wide range of expert opinions, they were able to create an environmentally-friendly chair that supplies the aesthetics you’d want from your office chair. These chairs also provide ultimate comfort no matter the seating needs.


RH not only supply the ergonomics and incredible design that support your every movement at work, they also have 2PP technology which maintains the relief required from office seating. Don't miss out, discover some of our most popular RH chairs below:


RH Logic 400 - this is one of our most popular RH office chairs. It's the ideal chair for most office environments whilst its 2PP technology enables the active seating you deserv.


RH Logic 300 - like the successful RH Logic 400, the 300 is very similar. It supplies more support to the lower back and between the shoulders to protect the curve of your back.


RH Extend 100 - this chair’s design increases support for joints at the knee, hip and lower back whilst encouraging active seating. Available in a variety of colours.


If you would like to chat with one of our experienced team members about finding the perfect RH office chair for you, please contact us or call 01892 510202.

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