Salli Saddle Seat

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The Salli saddle seat helps the lower back and pelvis to stay in a neutral position promoting good posture and core strength. The design encourages healthy sitting to ease back pain. It's ideal for work environments where mobility when seated is required - such as dentists, therapists and hairdressers.

Salli Saddle is a top choice for medical professionals. This is an innovative way of improving posture to beat back pain, strengthening the back muscles and increasing blood circulation in the legs.
It follows with the natural ergonomics of the body, pushing the user up into an almost standing position, which keep the thighs pointing down, tilts the pelvis forward, and straightens the spine.


  • Tilt adjustments
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Multiple colour and fabric options, including an option for ESD Cleanroom

For options on colours, fabrics and leathers please contact us 01892 510202

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