Stylish Living

Stylish Living

SitSmart doesn’t just offer everyday office chairs, we also have a selection of fantastic living chairs! If you're looking for a stylish piece of furniture for a modern setting we have the answers with our range of design-led, ergonomic chairs that really make a statement, mainly from Varier. Available in a variety of fabrics and finishes, they can really make an impact at home or at work.

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Sometimes everyday office chairs just don’t make the cut. So here at SitSmart we have a selection of ergonomically designed living chairs on offer, too.


We stock a wide range of design lead statement pieces of furniture that are perfect for the modern home when sitting back and relaxing. These carefully selected stand out pieces would also be perfect for waiting areas, reception areas and casual meeting rooms what will leave a lasting impression on clients and customers.


Each chair is made with the highest quality material, is vibrant, unique and available in range of colours, fabrics and finishes to suit your home or office. Though we usually stock a wide range of high quality brands, most of these stylish living chairs are made by Nordic furniture brand Varier. This brand is inspired by movement and changing the way we sit to healthier seating habits, meaning each chair will promote good posture. These chairs can also help any people suffering from back pain.


Take a look at our most popular stylish living chairs below, but don’t forget to check out the whole range to ensure you are matched with the perfect chair!


Varier Peel - this elegant, yet statement piece of furniture is designed to follow the body’s movements for total relaxation. With 360 degree rotation, footrest and other height and weight adjustments, this stylish chair is perfect for resting.


Varier Ekstrem - this extremely unique chair is perfect for both the office and the home. The modern design provides a comfortable chair that gives all the support needed for the correct seating position.


Varier Gravity - the only recliner in the whole range to have four different seating positions, providing you with the perfect comfortable sitting position.


If you would like to talk to one of our experienced team members about finding the perfect stylish living chair for you please contact us or call 01892510202