Work Stools

Work Stools

SitSmart supplies a wide variety of quality ergonomic stools in a range of fabrics and finishes for home and most workplace environments, such as architects, health, holistic work, industrial plants and retail.

The work stools offer superb comfort with ergonomic attributes to help support your working activities. With some of our most popular brands including Varier, RH and Bambach, you know you’re only going to be supplied with the perfect product.

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It is important to match your office seating with your working habits, and if you’re finding it hard to find the perfect seating option then a work stool may be the best choice for you. Our office stools are suitable for a multitude of environments and job roles that may require easier movement and flexibility including cashiers, dentists, laboratory work, draughtsman and more.

If you regularly stand at your desk or work at high benches, a stool may be the most suitable option for you. At SitSmart we offer a variety of stools that come in various fabrics, colours and finishes that will meet the style of your office.


Each of our carefully selected work stools are ergonomically designed to ensure ultimate comfort and promote better posture. Many of our stools include swivel functions, provide extra back support or have adjustable height and rests depending on your needs.


Varier Variable - this multipurpose stool encourages a naturally active sitting position encouraging good posture. Its modern yet timeless design means it is small, sturdy and functional.


Varier Multi - unlike most of the other stools Varier Multi is a static chair. It still encourages you to change position but is designed for more occasional use.


Varier Wing - this stool keeps you breathing deeply, naturally boosting energy and concentration levels. An adjustable seat encouraging various sitting positions.


Even better, all Varier stools come with a 7 year guarantee on wood, 5 years on the mechanism and 2 years on the fabric!


If you are still looking for help in choosing your perfect work stool then contact our experienced team on 01892 510202, who will advise you in finding a suitable match.


If you like to work at a higher level, standing or sitting on a work stool then check out our selection of innovative sit-stands desks.

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